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AdSense Solutions, Inc. is a privately-held technology firm specializing in developing simple applications that generate advertising revenue from your existing website. Our experience with the Google programs enables us to identify the best methods and placements to create and maintain a strong monthly traffic flow and advertising revenue. We also provide Consulting for existing AdSense accounts to increase ad revenue and maintain constant revenue flow.

Google systems and methods change constantly, at least weekly. Because we specialize in AdSense Marketing, we are well versed in the latest techniques necessary for optimum placement, ad design, background and color schemes, ad content, and all the large and small points that potentiate ad revenue. Some of our larger customers can realize as much as $12,000 in monthly net earnings from Google AdSense marketing... you can too.

Best of all, our services come to you at no charge, as part of our commission structure. We'll analyze your website, create the Google code necessary, insert and maintain all the code, monitor and maintain the system, and send you a check every month with a complete accounting, all as part of our professional AdSense consulting services. That's all there is to it... we do all the work, and send you a check every month.

Sounds good? There is one caution... some websites may not be candidates for AdSense services, for many reasons. Google is very particular about the clients it accepts, and our research will identify any potential issues. If it is determined that the website is not a candidate for AdSense advertising, we will notify you and our analysis still comes to you at no charge.

Please contact us to have one of our Professional Consultants review and evaluate your website. There is no cost or obligation for our evaluation.


AdSense Solutions, Inc.
16787 Beach Blvd. # 226
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
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AdSense Solutions Inc.
16787 Beach Blvd. # 226
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Phone: (949) 222-2232


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